How to Organise a Virtual Event

Virtual Events offer unique benefits, may provide lasting effects on event marketing and should not be viewed as a short-term fix.

In 2020, with the Corona virus pandemic, many companies are left with event marketing/training budgets due to the postponement or cancellation of numerous events. With a global contribution of $1.07 trillion of direct spending towards the worldwide economy from business events with more than 1.5 billion participants across 180 countries in 2017 (source:, that’s a huge amount left on the table in 2020. Some companies may choose to repurpose their event marketing budget into other marketing efforts however some opt to host online events.

Can Virtual Events replace in-person events?

With video streaming technology now, it has become an accessible digital experience without the hassle of figuring out logistics of an in-person event. Without the added expense of travel, accommodation and other such logistics, the number of persons able to attend may be much larger than for an in-person event.

While virtual events may not totally replace in-person events, it is an extremely engaging and a much easier way to network with peers of an industry.

A virtual event can help reduce our Carbon Footprint by using technology to limit our consumption of fossil fuels, paper, single-use plastics and reduce water wastage.

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How to get started

Identify Resources – Since it will be a virtual event, choose a professional looking setting for the backdrop. In case of large-scale events, quality cameras, sound, lighting, internet speed and image quality are paramount to ensure seamless high quality streams.

Technologies to Use – With video-streaming tools such as Zoom and others like it; it has become easy to enable multi-way communication all on one screen. Pre-recorded videos such as speeches from keynote speakers should be professionally done and can be streamed during the virtual event.

Access to the Event – Who will have access to your event? Will it be free-for-all or only for registered attendees? How will you track attendees? Tracking will also help with gathering post-event feedback. It’s easier to engage with a smaller audience however large-scale events can have a wider reach.

Promote Engagement – If you keep the event one-sided with just a single person speaking/presenting, the audience is bound to lose interest. Include panel discussions, polls, surveys and live Q&A to keep the audience engaged. 

Final Thoughts – Virtual Events may see an increase in situations such as pandemics or other force majeure scenarios and in-person events may not entirely be replaced but with more companies and government authorities embracing virtual events and meetings it looks soon to become the norm in most cases due to sheer practicality, cost-effective and convenience.

How to Professionally Host Your Next Event Entirely Online

With the current situational challenges and for the safety of all concerned, if your event has been cancelled or postponed and you are unsure of when things will get back to ‘normal’, we would like to help.

We at Eventsador have been hard at work to see how best we can help event organizers go ahead with creating a successful virtual event, which would be like face-to-face or even better!

The Eventsador App can help keep all registered event attendees from the Host, Speakers, Organizers, Sponsors and Exhibitors to Attendees in contact as and when needed with real-time bulletins, polls, surveys and networking. This App coupled with a video conference will help people be connected.

For more info, please visit our webpage or let us know when you’d like to set up a virtual meeting.

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If you are planing a Virtual Event, we can help. Let's Schedule a Demo

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