Event Health Safety Assessment




Looks like you have most of the safety issues covered! See if there are any more ways you can improve safety features before proceeding with your event.



There are too many unresolved safety issues therefore it is recommended to postpone the event until all safety features can be addressed.

#1. Have the local authorities permitted In-Person events?

If local authorities have not authorized in-person events, it’s highly recommended that you do not proceed.

#2. Can the event be insured?

#3. Will the event be insured?

#4. Is the venue well ventilated? (Outdoor venue is considered ventilated)

#5. Is the venue large enough to provide sufficient social distancing? (2m/6ft between persons)

#6. Does the venue have a separate space that can be used as Quarantine?

#7. Will the venue staff sanitize the entire venue pre-event?

#8. Will the venue staff sanitize the high touch points at least every 30 minutes?

#9. Will sensor-activated washing stations be provided?

#10. Is the Check-In process going to be touch less?

#11. Will the food be served Buffet style?

#12. Will the food be served in individual pre-packaged portions?

#13. Will there be signage relating to critical symptoms?

#14. Will there be signage communicating best practices for health safety?

#15. Is one or more staff member going to be assigned for emergencies?

#16. Will all event staff be trained on safety measures to be undertaken?

#17. Is there going to be a health check on arrival?

#18. Are face coverings as a safety measure going to be mandatory?

#19. Will PPE be provided to all the event staff & attendees?

#20. Will there be an option for attendees to join via a live stream?

#21. Will there be a flexible cancellation policy in case of illnesses?

#22. Is there a hospital within 15 minutes' drive of the venue?

#23. Will contact details (email & mobile number) be collected for all staff & attendees?

#24. Will a pre-event communiqué be sent to all staff & attendees detailing the safety measures?

#25. Will there be a post-event communication with all the staff & attendees?

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