How to Benefit from Using an Event App

How to Benefit from using an Event App

What does an Event App do?

First and foremost, any technology that you consider using should always make your life easier. Similarly an Event Management App that you choose should help you with most, if not all of the below issues that you may encounter.


Are you still using spreadsheets and Excel to add in all your event data? Are you manually checking in attendees at your events? Are your documents and flyers still being printed and handed out (only to later end up in a bin)? Is your agenda accessible only if someone logs onto your website? Are you unable to send real-time messages and updates to all your attendees, speakers, exhibitors and sponsors? Are your attendees not getting enough Leads out of your events? Are they still exchanging printed business cards? Are the attendees lost when it comes to where a particular session is meant to take place? Do you have people coming inappropriately dressed because they were unaware of the dress code? Do you have people asking around for details of the Wi-Fi access code or password? Are you only providing one accommodation recommendation and leaving your attendees frustrated with a lack of choices? Do your attendees have no common platform where they can share their event photos or chat? Can your attendees create their own personalised agenda? Do you struggle on how to keep everyone updated if there is a change in the agenda or any part of the event?


Should I use an App?

If all those reasons above are not enough, when you consider any Business event, the main purpose of it is to network, gain contacts and make connections. If attendees are unable to do that effectively, the event will not be a success and you will end up with less repeat customers for your next event.


The App is an easy way to go ‘digital’ and upgrade your event experience. Attendees should be able to easily connect with anyone at the event by browsing through the list of attendees, speakers, exhibitors and sponsors and sending connection requests. If they meet a person face-to-face, they should be able to scan the other persons’ QR code and automatically have the details added to their contacts rather than manually typing them in.


The more connections people make, the greater the chances of business deals taking place during or post-event.


If everyone has different can this work?

The App should be compatible with Android and iOS so whichever device your attendees possess, the App should function properly and provide ease-of-use. The easier it is to use, the more adoption and usage will occur making it an engaging platform.

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How can I increase Retention?

Why would someone come back for your next event if they didn’t gain anything from this one? It’s as simple as that!


Improving attendee engagement with chat, sharing and giving everyone a genuine chance to make connections all on one platform will improve retention and have people coming back for more as they are able to perceive the value in attending your event.


Being able to directly chat with Speakers to gain further insight is a value-add that would not be possible in person due to the sheer number of people wanting to do the same in a limited time frame. With an App they could do that even after the event giving everyone a chance to communicate, collaborate and interact.


Can it enhance the check in process?

Have you attended an event only to stand in line for ages because everyone arrived at the same time and the check in process was really disorganised and slow?


An App should make this process simplified and quick. It should allow the organiser to check in registered attendees by name or by simply scanning a QR code. Ideally it should also provide lists of how many attendees have already been checked in and how many are still to arrive.


Can an App save me Money?

For pretty much any event, you end up printing so much marketing collateral, handouts, newsletter and other unnecessary paper that ends up being left behind by attendees or ends up in the bin once they leave. How much time and money do you spend on designing, editing and printing all that?


Instead, with an App you should be able to upload virtual documents, banner ads for sponsors, newsletter and marketing flyers so everyone can access these at any time and all without toxic inks, paper wastage or adding to a landfill.


What about Analytics?

Data is king! Using a product or App is all well and good but if there are no metrics to measure usage or adoption, it doesn’t show if it was worth the introduction. The App should be able to provide reports related to Leads generated from an event to see how engaged the audience has been and App adoption percentage with an option to send reminders to those who may have not yet downloaded the App.


The ability to make it effective for Sponsors & Exhibitors

When attending events, it’s not always possible to physically visit each and every booth or breakout session. Having all the sponsor and exhibitor details in an App will make it easier for attendees to browse through and see with which business it makes more sense for them to connect. Sponsors and exhibitors should be able to put up banner ads, offers and relevant links on their page within the App. This would drive up Leads and provide them with enhanced ROI making it a success for both attendee and sponsor/exhibitor.


Final Thoughts

If you have never considered using an Event Management App before, seriously consider it now. You may still ask ‘why?’. The simple answer is because you want to be at the cutting edge of going digital to enhance the customer experience. Change can be challenging at times but if you don’t make the effort to provide the best to your customers, someone else will.


See how we can help to enhance your next event and make it more interactive. The Eventsador Event Management App can do all that and more whether before, during or after an event!


Contact us and let’s get working together to collaborate and make it a success for everyone.

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